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Feb. 12th, 2017 07:01 pm
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This is Quill. Save us both the time and don't leave a message.


Dec. 1st, 2016 11:49 pm
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[Out Of Character]
Backtagging with this character: always, I'm a pretty slow tagger and will be happy for any chance to catch up even with old threads
Threadhopping with this character: sure, just ask permission
Fourthwalling: nnaah
Offensive subjects: none

[In Character]
Hugging this character: lol sure
Flirting with this character: absolutely
Giving this character a kiss: 50/50 chance on whether that's a good idea but sure
Something more intimate: she's probably down for it, but I'm not likely to thread it out
Dub-con/non-con/sexual assault: needs to be discussed
Fighting with this character: is probably inevitable. she's a skilled fighter and can definitely defend herself, even if the arn keeps her from attacking in return. she's resourceful and will probably find a way to hurt you anyway.
Injuring this character: bring it, discuss first for bigger stuff
Killing this character: apparently not an issue in Hadriel, but let's plan it first
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: fine within reason, hit me up if you need details. the arn is telepathic, so its presence would be noticeable to someone with this ability. 

I'm a big fan of communication, so please contact me to hash something out at any time!
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Player name: Laura
Contact: AIM: dragonessa24, Plurk: wonderfulnonsense
Characters currently in-game: none

Character Name:  Andrea Quill (real name among her people was Andra'ath, but they're extinct, so)
Character Age: unknown, has the appearance of a human woman in her mid-thirties
Canon: Class (Doctor Who universe)
Canon Point: on her way to see the headmistress in "Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart"
History: Wiki page, but I'll sum up briefly because that page isn't super accurate.
Quill is from a planet called Rhodia, where her species (the Quill) were being oppressed by the Rhodian monarchy for centuries. She led an army of freedom fighters in many battles, but was eventually captured and sentenced to the worst punishment the Rhodians have - a tiny creature called an arn was inserted into her brain, binding her to the Rhodian prince. She's bound to protect him with her life, to obey all his orders, she mustn't use weapons of any sort and can't attack anyone, nor attempt to remove the arn, or it will kill her. Shortly after this, an alien species called the Shadow Kin invaded her world and almost instantly murdered every Quill and Rhodian. The Twelfth Doctor arrived just in time to save only her and the prince, relocating them to Earth, giving them human appearances and identities so they could live quietly. She is now a physics teacher at Coal Hill School, with the prince a pupil there. There are tears in spacetime at the school, through which aliens arrive, often with bad intentions. The Doctor has put her and a group of teenagers around the prince in charge of dealing with these invasions. The prince took the Cabinet of Souls from Rhodia, which is a box that harbors the souls of every Rhodian who ever lived, and could be used as a weapon of mass destruction. The prince claimed it was empty, but Quill just found out it isn't, so there is an unexpected hope to take revenge on the Shadow Kin after all.

Personality: Quill is a warrior and a survivor. This is partly inherent in her species, who kill each other in the nest and believe that life tries to kill you from the moment you are born, and the only proper response is to fight back at every moment. She is shaped by the oppression of her people, believing fiercely in the cause of fighting for their freedom and in the righteousness of killing for it. After their genocide, she is consumed by grief and feels deeply alone, but she's determined to keep what little dignity she has left in her enslavement by not showing this vulnerability except in highly emotional moments.

She is, however, more than happy to express her rage and frustrations in whatever ways are available to her. Mostly this means being highly sarcastic and caustic, and frequently reminding everyone that her fate is slavery rather than the just punishment the prince claims it to be. The least she can do is to make sure nobody gets too comfortable around her or considers her safe. She treats most humans with indifference and/or condescension and can be quite petty at times (mocking her pupils, 'accidentally' dropping the prince's phone). She does her teaching job diligently enough, but has no shits to give about making her lessons appropriate or helping struggling students, instead teaching them highly complex physics and berating them for not understanding it. While she mostly views her job (and Earth in general) with disdain, she will sometimes appear to take it somewhat seriously, like enforcing rules at a prom or being offended that people aren't paying attention in class. This is likely because it's the only measure of power and authority she has left. She can also admit to approving of a few Earth things, chiefly coffee and pictures of cats on the internet.

Although she is very passionate about matters close to her heart, she is also pragmatic, highly observant and analytical (identifying someone as a robot by the cut of his suit and his fast reflexes). Unlike the prince, she makes the effort to learn more about the place and society they're supposed to be living in, mostly by using the internet and consuming various literature and media. Since the Quill were a matriarchal society, she particularly values female authors and media with female protagonists.

She is mainly driven by her need to avenge her people, and to find a way to gain her freedom from the arn and subsequently make the prince pay. But she's also desperate for companionship, having always lived and fought side by side with her people. Among her jailer, a group of children, and humans who don't even know she's an alien, she is completely isolated. This is another part of what makes her so hostile, trying to hide and push away this pain. But it also means that with people she can respect, can consider equals, her manner and quips can actually be quite companionable and amusing, and she has the potential to be a loyal friend/ally.

Inventory: just the clothes on her back, her phone, house keys and wallet.

Abilities: Quill led an army in war, so she's an excellent leader and fighter, both in hand-to-hand combat as well as with various types of weapons. She's a little stronger than an ordinary human of her stature, and an experienced strategist. Having been a freedom fighter (or terrorist, depending on which side you're on), she's used to utilizing whatever resources are at hand in the most efficient way, getting creative with unconventional weapons, enduring extreme duress, etc. The arn in her head prevents her from using any weapons besides her hands and from attacking anyone (defense is allowed). Intent matters with the arn, so she can tell by the amount of discomfort it creates at certain thoughts whether or not she would get away with using ordinary objects to slightly harm someone. In addition to her combat skills, she has an advanced knowledge of the natural sciences, physics in particular, and a serviceable understanding of technology/mechanics (can take apart and analyse simple unfamiliar gadgets, built her own EMF meter). As mentioned, she's very observant and smart, and she has the sort of basic medical knowledge you'd need in the battlefield (for Quill biology, but it stands to reason she read up a little on human biology as well, at least until she got grossed out)

Flaws: She's taken countless lives in battle. She enjoys violence when it's justified, and will physically take out her frustrations on objects if she can't take it out on people. She's desperate to take revenge on the prince for her enslavement, as well as the race responsible for the genocide of her people, and wouldn't hesitate to commit genocide herself to this end. She's also willing to sacrifice others and/or herself in order to achieve this revenge. She tricked a student into killing himself with her gun in order to shoot a Shadow Kin and attempted to do the same to another student. Her loss and enslavement have made her deeply embittered and she has a scathing wit that she happily uses to hurt people.

Action Log Sample: TDM post


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